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Roof Construction – Different Types to Consider

Roof construction Mobile ALBeing a professional roofing company in Alabama, we are here to provide you with the top of the line roof construction services backed by years of experience and hundreds of completed projects. With this in mind, we would like to place emphasis on the different types of roof constructions and the specifications around them.

These roof specifications are going to help you make up your mind about what you need. Of course, we are going to counsel you on the most appropriate solution for your particular case, but it’s never harmful to be informed. So, let’s go ahead and take a look.

Flat Roof

flat roof Mobile AlabamaFlat roof is a convenient roofing solution in which the pitch is no more than exactly 10 degrees. They could also be completely flat if the pitch is made to be 0 degrees. However, we do not recommend this type of construction because of certain issues with water drainage. However, you should also be aware that the roof can be with a warm and with a cold construction. Roofs that are flat, in our experience, most commonly used a tapered insulation or they have a fall built into the actual deck in the concrete. This is designated to provide the fall. It is also highly recommended for the minimum fall for the flat roof to be 1 in about 80 insulation or at least 1:40 if you are using regular board one.

Hybrid Cold Flat Roof

cold roof Mobile AlabamaHybrid Cold Flat Roof is a solution in which at least two thirds of the entire insulation is over the deck of the roof or the joists. Nevertheless, this is usually just general suggestion which could change based on the designation of the building and its functionalities as well as location and the humidity. We would personally recommend carrying out a risk analysis of the condensation in order to be particularly sure about the specification of the insulation when it comes to a hybrid flat roof.

Cool Flat Roof

Cool Flat Roof is also one commonly used roofing construction – it is characterized by the fact that all the insulation is above the deck or the joists which make them a part of the cool fabric of the entire building. Inverted roofs are usually the most common example.

Tapered Roof

tapered roof Mobile AlabamaTapered Roof is a particularly flat roof where the actual slope is properly with the help of the insulation, and this allows the water to drain off conveniently. This is particularly convenient and quicker than if you had to lay the tapered screed right on top of the deck. With this in mind, each roof is thoroughly designed to the requirements of the customers.

Green Roof

green roof Mobile AlabamaGreen Roof is something particularly modern and beneficial, considering the overall fight against global warming. This is a roof which is covered by a growing medium planted with different flowers and other grass. It could be planted with sedum or a garden with different shrubs and plants – based on the preferences of the client.

Of course, there are a lot of other roofing constructions that should be taken into proper consideration. Our main intention is to provide you with an overview of the commonly used roofing constructions. We are a company with a significant experience which is going to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards. We carry out a flawless job, and we make sure to stand behind it. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality of what we do. We have highly skilled and experienced professionals who are going to handle your task with the necessary responsibility, vigor and swiftness.

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