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Different Roof Repair Types

Roof Repair TypesBrowse our list of different roof repair types… Whether unforeseen or obvious, roof problems can be very frustrating to deal with. Most homeowners across the country have encountered some form of roof repair in their lives. This includes everything from the minor leaks to the major cracks that demand instant attention. Here are some of the common problems that will call for the expertise of an experienced roof repair technician or company to solve the issues correctly:

Roof Leaks

The most common type of roof problem that homeowners face is roof leaks. This can be caused by several reasons, including cracked flashing, broken shingles, slate or tiles. Some of the main areas where roof leaks tend to occur are:

  • At the flashing points
  • At skylights
  • Around gutters
  • Close to the chimney
  • In valleys and low sports
  • Near pipes and vents

If you notice any leaks, damp walls or discolored ceilings, it is advisable to get help early on from experienced roof repair experts.

Pooled Water on Roof

Water can start forming little ponds on the roof, and this can cause major problems over the long term. This problem is especially common with flat roofs. In this case, the solution basically involves forming tapered slopes on the roof surface to allow water to smoothly run off, thus keeping the roof safe against water damage.

Roof Holes and Punctures

Everything from local wildlife to foot traffic can leave puncture marks, big holes or scrapes on a roof. It could be woodpeckers drilling holes in your eaves or contractors walking on top of the shingles. When this damage builds up over time, it affects the underlying roof structure or exposes it to moisture, which causes rot. These holes can be filled by a roof specialist, depending on the specific type of roof.

Roof Blistering and Cracking

It is normal for roofs to develop cracks, ridges, and blisters, especially after a long time. Nevertheless, the likelihood of seeing these kinds of damages will depend on which type of roofing you have installed. For instance, built up rooming made of several layers and designed to cover relatively flat surfaces are especially vulnerable to blistering and cracking.

Icy Roof

Ice and snow are known for wreaking havoc on most roofs. That is mainly because as ice gradually melts, the water starts seeping below your shingles. When it refreezes it can cause very serious problems, as it can start pushing up on the shingles or flashing to an extent of even lifting them up. This creates gaps on your roof, which allows more water or ice to continue entering your property.

Poor Roof Installation

When you choose poorly qualified or inexperienced roofing technicians, it generally costs you more money over the long term. Actually, poorly installed roofs are among the main reasons for having a short lifespan and other major complications. If you want to avoid such problems, it is best to go with an extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced team in the first place, whether you are looking for commercial or residential roof installation.

As a final tip, make sure you schedule regular maintenance for your roof to keep it in top shape and prevent most of these problems.

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